Gone are the days of 'siloed-thinking' to solve today's problems. As we advance further into combating with the effects of climate change, the first to experience the change are the marginalized, the defenseless, the women and children. Finding robust, long-term solutions, is a necessity! Focusing on the infrastructure for homegrown solutions ensures sustainability and longevity of programs. Training others to train others. Building better to build further. We incentivize the community in an integrated, multi-faceted approach to promote development with every member of the community, from the village chief to the widow who travels far to work and sustain her family, from the primary school child who lives off one meal a day to the secondary student who didn't have the opportunity to transition due to financial and cultural constraints. Thinking 'Glocal' (Global and Local) for Climate Change is the future!

What can you do?

Help grow a community! Follow us to find out ways you can support and promote our micro projects, school communities, focused programs and NIWFESS!

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